The Johnsey Story

Johnsey Estates UK Limited was originally set up in the early 1960’s by Mr. Terry Johnsey to develop a site in Gaskell Street, Newport, which had been purchased for his transport business. After the completion of Llanwern Steelworks, various areas of land were surplus to the steelwork development, some of which was then purchased by Johnsey Estates. At Leeway in excess of 200,000 sq.ft. of industrial space was developed on this surplus land, being at the time one of the first Industrial Estates in South Wales.


A further tranch of land purchased from the steel company comprised a site of 52 acres directly adjacent to Spytty Road, this was originally let to a subsidiary of Wimpey Property Holdings for 999 years. It was bought back from them in 1983.  Planning consent in the early 1980’s for the development of a superstore for Tesco, was achieved together with approximately 230,000 sq.ft. of non food retail space. This was developed by Johnsey Estates and subsequently the planning consent was extended for leisure use, which now includes a multiplex cinema, bowling alley and various restaurants. The non food retail park was sold by Johnsey Estates in 1996.


In 1986 Johnsey Estates purchased Mamhilad Park Estate in Pontypool, part of the ICI/DuPont complex which extends to approximately 43 acres with 500,000 sq.ft. of office and industrial space. Various government organisations and private companies now occupy the estate, albeit alternative plans are being considered for the redevelopment. Plans for a complete village development are proposed to include a large part of this site.


The purchase of Warner Lambert site was a further strategic purchase for the company, being close to Mamhilad Park Estate. The company considers that with their expertise, major job creation can be achieved and with the flexibility of the property and vacant land which can be further developed will provide an ongoing investment vehicle for the company. Part of the site is envisaged to be included in the proposed plan for the Mamhilad Park Village.


In 2004 the company purchased the ex DuPont site (now called MPE South) which links the Mamhilad Park Estate and the ex Warner Lambert site, part of which again will be utilised for the proposed Mamhilad Park Village.


Major purchases made in latter years by the Company include the acquisition of various sites situated in Abergavenny and a site in Usk, part of the Abergavenny site (previously Coopers) has been sold on to Barratts for housing and Barratts also purchased the major part of the Usk site, for housing.

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