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Johnsey Estates is a privately owned property company which concentrates upon its heartland in South Wales. It owns an investment portfolio of leisure, office and industrial/warehousing properties and a landbank outstanding opportunities. The company owns and manages all its assets.

Rental Opportunities

Office Space

Mamhilad Park Estate offers a range of flexible and newly refurbished office accommodation from 180 sq/ft to 7000 sq/ft.


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Work Space / Storage

Mamhilad Park Estate offers flexible work space and storage accommodation in units up to 200,000 sq ft.


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Why Choose Johnsey Estates?


Our skill is in creating the right environment for enterprise to flourish and grow. We continue to research best practice in our core markets and to invest in and upgrade our property portfolio continually.

Investors in the Future

We invest in developing land, enterprise and people. 


Johnsey Estates is a long established business with over 60 years experience in South Wales property development and investment.

Development Opportunities

The company owns a portfolio of development sites which will be taken through the planning process. All the land is strategically positioned and forms the bedrock of the company's future plans to create a modern and dynamic built environment across both the residential and commercial sectors.

A major planning application has been submitted to Torfaen County Borough Council for an Urban Village comprising up to 900 houses, plus all associated facilities including a new school, to sit alongside the existing Business Park at Mamhilad Park Estate. 

The company is expanding its business activities in South Wales, and is constantly looking for new property investment and development projects.

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