Specialist renal dialysis unit is being established at Mamhilad Park Estate

February 20, 2017

Pontypool’s Mamhilad Park Estate welcomes specialist renal dialysis unit


A specialist medical treatment hub is being established at Mamhilad Park Estate in Pontypool.

The centre, a 15-bed dialysis unit which is being created at the Torfaen business park, will open in the summer.

The dialysis unit, on the border of Torfaen and Monmouthshire, is part of a regional contract BBraun Avitum (UK) Ltd has sealed with the University of Wales to provide renal services.

James Crawford, Chief Executive of Johnsey Estates owners of Mamhilad Park Estate, said: “We were very pleased to be able to accommodate BBraun’s specific requirements here at Mamhilad Park Estate and to have assisted in any way required to deliver this specialist dialysis unit.

“Our excellent, skilled in house team here at Mamhilad Park Estate have worked extremely hard to transform the building in preparation for its re use by BBraun. The building has been completely stripped out inside and taken back to a shell.  New PVC double glazing has been installed and significant alterations made externally for dedicated parking and patient drop off and collection, all of which has involved a significant capital expenditure and refurbishment from ourselves in excess of £150,000.”

“The space taken is 6,000 sq ft. on a new 20 year lease. This is a very significant letting for Johnsey Estates. After completing the extensive provisional works for the client in house the tenant is now fitting out the space to their own requirements. We expect the new facility to open in July of this year.”

Phil Stollery, Business Project Manager for BBraun Avitum (UK) Ltd.,  said: “The dialysis unit we’re creating at Mamhilad Park Estate is part of a regional contract with the University Hospital of Wales to provide renal services. The unit in Pontypool is an additional unit in the region and seeks to provide treatment services to NHS patients closer to home in North Gwent.

“The new unit will provide 15 treatment stations which can treat up to 30 patients a day. We are also providing a 'home dialysis training facility' for patients who may choose to dialyse at home to receive training to meet this aim.”

The 'North Gwent Dialysis Unit' will employ between eight and twenty people depending on the number of patients treated

Mr Stollery said: “The general location was identified by the Health Board, and we then undertook a review of commercial property available in the area. The site at Mamhilad Park Estate was preferred over others due to the suitability of the building for conversion, but also the general wider environment and on site facilities.

“Patients visit the unit three times a week, 52 weeks a year, so road access from across the local area needs to be good. Also, the general area of the Park Estate is good and the development plans make it desirable to be a part of.

Charity National Star recently moved into space at the front of the building in Mamhilad Park Estate which is being occupied by the new dialysis unit.


Picture caption: Team effort: James Crawford, Chief Executive of Johnsey Estates (centre) with Peter Downes, Johnsey Estates Development Consultant(left), Russell Nutman, Mamhilad Park Estate Property Manager, right,  and property team members, left to right, Andrew Withey, Nick Pocock, Ross Davies, Ashley Murphy, David Ford, Jonathan Morgan, Anthony Nociveli, Mark Thomson, Kieron White at the BBraun Avitum site being fitted out at Mamhilad Park, Pontypool.