Flexibility and safety key to continued success at Mamhilad Park Estate during pandemic

December 15, 2020

It has been business as near normal as possible at our principal asset, Mamhilad Park Estate, Pontypool, where some 1,700 people work in myriad occupations.

The business park has not only retained but also managed to grow its varied list of occupiers over the challenging year.

Johnsey Estates Operations manager Peter Downes said the company is particularly satisfied to have grown its occupier list over the past months while keeping safety at the forefront of its operations.

He said: "We have been very pleased with the sustained buoyancy of our enquiries. Only recently we have had a local firm of solicitors join and Bron Afon Housing Association has also joined in the last few months.

"The law practice said they were delighted to have joined what they see as a business community at Mamhilad Park Estate. They were impressed with just how easy and straightforward the move to their new office space was made by our on-site management team.

"They are impressed and happy with the fast and reliable internet, so important to their business, with the parkland setting and the fact that they are able to park right outside their new office for free."

Long term estate occupier Richard Hallaran, owner of Hallaran Health and Safety Compliance, said: "I have continued to work at Mamhilad Park Estate throughout the pandemic. The self-contained nature of my office space, like so many of the other offices on site, means that I can work in a private and quiet environment with no distractions. Remaining socially distant isn’t an issue.”

Peter said: "The team here have been working extremely hard throughout the pandemic. We have worked closely with our occupiers to support them through these unprecedented times, to ensure that they can keep their business home here at Mamhilad and to remain safe.

"Our self-storage business has been extended to more than 100 containers and our caravan storage remains full. We are working on further expansion of both facilities which will be available in early 2021."

Peter said: "SMEs like the offering here due to the flexibility. There is no minimum term, with a simple tenancy document available rather than a long lease. The estate management team are based on site which is a huge asset.

"We realise that businesses need to be adaptable so that occupiers can alter their space requirements as necessary without financial implications.

"The team is committed to making the park a safe place for all to come to work. We have increased the frequency of the cleaning of the buildings; we ensure social distancing is applied and risk assessments have been carried out. The layout of the offices lends itself for self-isolation, meaning our flexi-offices are socially distant and offer a cost-effective alternative to home working, a practice which doesn't suit everyone.

"We have ample parking so occupiers can travel alone, find a convenient parking space and walk to their office with little to no contact with anyone else.

"Plans are in place to create more flexi office spaces for SMEs. We are one of Wales’ fastest growing business communities and we plan to keep it growing," said Peter.